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Visit Ceylon

I've been reading "Return to Sri-Lanka: Travels in a Paradoxical Land" by Razeen Sally who had a strangely similar life to me having grown up both in Wales and Sri-Lanka, and also finding out about "The Other Story" exhibition at the Hayward and its single Sri-Lankan contributor Ivan Peries. He was a founding member of the Sri-Lankan 43 Group which to my mind when I first saw their paintings as a child in an art gallery in Colombo I thought were rather derivative, except for the photographs. I thought I'd like to try to make some collages (using our now increasingly divergent Arnheim variants) about Sri-Lanka and my experiences of immigration to Wales in 1979. I started with a series of imaginary travel posters made of bits of colonial Sri-Lankan imagery. I'm now going to try to represent what it is like in a very hot bath in Pen-y-Fal psychiatric hospital in Abergavenny, where I also grew up.

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