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Compositional Works and Open Sourced Arnheim 2.0

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Our new code (which modifies the Arnheim 2.0 code we open-sourced today) allows us to make collages using CLIP as an evaluator. Some very early investigations here...

Helpful feedback by real Artists here... "Art is still images to you. very pretty may you can make them into placemats" Rose Gibbs. [link for ordering placements]

"Joanna in the third stomach of a Scary Art Chicken"

"The Waking of a Scary Chicken Made of Bits of Art"

"An Art Chicken Portrait based on a Total Piss Take of NFTs"

"The Hot Exudate of a Fairy Tale with its Own Inhabitant"

"Lobster: Not more than twice a week by contract"

"Lobster: Not more than twice a week by contract (2)"

"One Life Live it with the Devilish Moppy Rose Landrover Defender in Mind"

"Pope Enjoying Oysters and Botticelli"

"Sri-Lankan Masks Made in the 1980s in England"

"Ballet Accident"

"Degas' Little Dancer Has Spirit"

More from the "Ballet and Plane Crashes" series.

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